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Thank you for your wanting to join the Society of Animal Artists (SAA). The Society is a world-renowned organization that has become the standard bearer of excellence in the field of animal art and within the greater fine art community. The Society of Animal Artists was founded in 1960 by the late Patricia Allen Bott and Guido Borghi, two visionaries who sought to reposition animal art as an important contemporary art form by creating a community of like-minded artists. Since its inception, the Society has grown by leaps and bounds and has generated tremendous response through its museum and gallery exhibitions. The annual Art and the Animal exhibition and tour are eagerly awaited events in the art world and provide our artists with the opportunity for greater recognition. To join or support the SAA is easy.  Select the appropriate tab above and submit your application materials by the deadlines noted below. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: March 28, 2018 and September 19, 2018 – Please note that Artist membership is only determined twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. All other types of membership are accepted year round – Please note that the Society currently does not consider photography, digitally generated art or purely illustrative work, for membership applications – If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, or email. We look forward to receiving your application and hope you will be joining us – The Society is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible
Artist membership in the Society of Animal Artists, Inc. is by jury, composed of artist members serving as volunteers on the Board of Directors. The Membership Jury meets twice a year. Applicants may be elected to either Signature or Associate membership.   Signature Member: Signature members are considered full members of the Society and are granted all privileges of Society membership. They are recognized as having attained the highest level of ability in the field of animal art and consistently uphold the Society’s standards of excellence. They are entitled to vote in Society matters and use the initials “S.A.A.” when signing artwork. Associate Member: Associate members are granted many of the privileges of Society membership and are eligible to submit work to all exhibitions. Associates may not vote in Society matters or use the initials “S.A.A.” when signing artwork. Associates may become Signature Members by jury vote or if entries are accepted into three Annual Exhibitions at which time they must pay an initiation fee. Associates are promoted to Signature members in the event that they receive the Award of Excellence in an Annual Exhibition. Submission Materials 1. Download and complete Artist Member Application.SAA Artist Application 2. Images of five (5) artworks – two views are required of all sculpture. Only Digital images are acceptable (see instructions). Note that CDs will not be returned. 3. $40.00 jury fee – check, money order or Paypal payment is accepted.



Dues and Fees Payable Upon Acceptance: Associate Members & Signature Members Initiation Fee: $100.00 Annual Dues: $160.00 TOTAL: $260.00

Applications and images should be emailed to Download application instructions and form for details. Digital submissions via CD will also be accepted and should be sent to: 5451 Sedona Hills Drive, Berthoud, CO 80513. NOTE: In order to secure your membership, all dues and fees must be received within 30 days of notification. Membership materials will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment.

Click here for an online Artist/Associate Membership Form

The Society invites individuals and corporations to support us in our efforts by becoming Contributing Members. For those with a love of the animal kingdom and the art that celebrates it, Society patronage is an ideal way in which to contribute to the development of this important contemporary fine art form. The Society is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.



Contributing Members are entitled to the following benefits:
– All Society Newsletters and Annual Exhibition catalogs
– Invitation to attend annual exhibition opening seminars, presentations and Artists’ Reception for member and one guest
– Acknowledgment in the Annual Exhibition catalog
– Opportunity to sponsor individual art awards

Contributing Membership is available in four categories:
– Patron Member $150-$299 – All of the benefits described above.
– Sponsoring Member $300-$999 – All of the benefits of a Patron Member plus admission for member and one guest to the Annual Member’s Award Banquet at no charge.
– Sustaining Member $1000-$4,999 – All of the benefits of a Sponsoring Member plus admission for two to all Member activities with a cost during the Annual Exhibition at no charge.
– Partner Member $5,000+ – All of the benefits of a Sustaining Member plus an expanded acknowledgement in the Annual Exhibition catalog.


Click here for a printable form for Contributing Membership (166 KB)

The Society accepts payments via PayPal for paying dues and making donations.  If you would like to use PayPal for your payment, please contact the SAA Executive Director at and ask for instructions.