SAA Member Survey

SAA Programming Options

1. Swap and Sell: Frames, Crates, Books, Supplies …?

2. Little Gems Exchange: We will be doing a “Little Gem” exchange between members again this year. It will be a simple draw a number and pick up your artwork program. Participating artists will need to bring the artwork to Marriott Springhill Suites on Saturday night. Please consider size and weight with your gem to accommodate those flying!

3. Panel: Ask the Board: Anything you want to know about how the SAA operates

4. Panel: Ask the Experienced [25+ years as an artist]: Ask them anything!

5. Peer to Peer/Conversations about Art and Career [30-minute sessions]: A unique opportunity to have a conversation, one-on-one, up-close, personal, and confidential with one of the Society’s respected and experienced Signature members. They will offer their expertise and advice to both two- and three-dimensional attending members, review your work if you wish, talk ‘shop’, and/or help you determine how you can move your work to the next level in an informal atmosphere of peer comradery.

6. Interview with an SAA Master Member: (pending attendance)

7. Game: Who Am I? Can you guess the identity of a fellow member attending the weekend from these somewhat “secret” facts about them?

8. Game: SAA Trivia: How well do you know the SAA’s history or what goes on behind the scenes?

9. Game: SAA Pictionary: Teams of SAA artists compete against each other with laughter abounding. All drawing skills typically go out the window as soon as the clock starts!