SCHAAL Couleurs
SCHAAL Couleurs
SCHAAL Couleurs


Couleurs Schaal is a handmade oil paint manufacturer working only with high-end raw materials, generally reserved for the restoration of works of art. All their paint production is done by François in his studio. 
Producing small quantities maintains control over the quality of the colors offered and allows François to work closely with the artists to guide and advise them in their choices (François studied in a classical art school to become a painter – illustrator and understands the expectations of painters).

–  Testimonial from SAA Member, Laurence Saunois – He works with beautiful pigments in a completely traditional way with natural products. Linseed oil of course but also more surprisingly with walnut oil. I have been testing these colors for some time now and I can tell you that they are absolutely exceptional!


OFFER/TERMS: SAA ~ 20% Off when you tell François you are an SAA member,

Contact: François Schaal

Here is a YouTube video about his work: