Used by artists, the protective solution to shipping framed art. Art is safely encased in three layers of quality protection—two layers of convoluted foam and one layer of Perf-Pack foam. Customize the Perf-Pack layer to your specifications in a matter of minutes. Simply remove perforated squares to form an opening that precisely to your art. Reusable for several shipments with many sizes available

OFFER/TERMS: 20% Off, USA and international members, CODE SOAA
Note: International members cannot order over Internet – must call to place order! [800.445.2580] We have been told that AirFloat no longer ships to Canada and recommend trying ULINE. We were unable to negotiate any discounts with ULINE.

We have been informed that new AirFloat no longer have the circular crush weight certificate seal (below). Apparently they switched to a new supplier who doesn’t print that on the boxes. As a result, UPS won’t insure your art for more than the standard $100 and if they do, they still may not pay out, because the box doesn’t have the seal.

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